Smoothie of the Moment: Nutty Banana-Cherry-Kale

Smoothie of the Moment:Nutty Banana-Cherry-Kale Fall 2013 Cold weather isn’t when you normally think of settling in with a cool frozen smoothie – but it remains one of my all-time favorite ways to start the day for two reasons: it’s a snap to whip up, AND it loads me up with powerful nutrients first thing so that at least I start the day on a ...Read the rest

Behind-the-Scenes: Creating Relish

Behind-the-Scenes: Creating Relish April 2013 For me, writing a book has never been about just plopping down one day with a fully formed set of ideas, ripe for sharing with the world. It’s often a hard-won, months- or even years-long process of synthesizing the best of everything you want to share – and then scrapping nearly everything, starting over, and pulling out only the best ...Read the rest

On Repeat: The Songs I Can’t Stop Listening To

On Repeat: The Songs I Can’t Stop Listening To November 2013 It’s November, and I’m looking for the musical equivalent of fall cozy sweater weather – not ready for Holiday just yet, and in the mood for something that’s easy listening, maybe a little moodier with a great pop beat or haunting melody. Blake Shelton snuck on there. And then I threw a crazy jump-around-the-apartment-and-get-pumped-up ...Read the rest