Miso Sesame Chicken Tenders

Daphne Oz Posts Miso Sesame Chicken Tenders

Looking for something that tastes decadent but is actually lovely and light (and super versatile)?

This week’s Miso Sesame Chicken Tenders are crispy, crunchy, ultra-flavorful and made simply with chicken breast and a few choice ingredients before baking in the oven to golden-brown, juicy perfection.

Miso brings a gentle sweetness and savory umami flavor that makes these extra crave-worthy, especially when paired with a simple miso-mustard dipping sauce that easily becomes a dressing for a delicious chicken salad — should you somehow have leftovers to chop up and toss together with some crunchy romaine or Napa cabbage, shredded carrots, cucumbers and scallions... two meals in one, double the fun!!

Now, who’s joining me on the Tower of Tenders ride??

See this recipe come to life on my IG.


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