Granddaddy's Stuffed Artichokes

Daphne Oz Posts Granddaddy’s Stuffed Artichokes

Each Christmas, my grandfather cooks up huge batches of these delectable vegetables for the whole family, and they always, ALWAYS steal the show!

These giant green jewels are jam packed with flavor — Italian breadcrumbs! Pecorino cheese! Garlic! Olive oil! And his one special secret addition to keep the whole thing extra flavorful. The breadcrumbs get soaked with broth (stick with veg if you want a meat-free option, or choose chicken for a richer flavor) and olive oil before roasting away to a crisp, golden brown top and melting, cheesy garlicky breadcrumbs coating every tender artichoke leaf.

They make for a gorgeous vegetarian main or starter option to share for your holiday table!

See this recipe come to life on my IG Video.


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