Fresh Salmon Cakes

Daphne Oz Posts Fresh Salmon Cakes

Why yes, this is a giant side of fresh salmon! And yes, I am about to chop half of it up and use it to make my yummy fresh salmon burgers (salmon cakes, really) with Fresno chiles, mint, and red onion and devour it over salad for a filling, healthy, protein-packed, and ultra-delicious mermaid lunch.

I first fell in love with fishcakes when I spent a college summer living in London, and though very little about this recipe is reminiscent of the cozy pub dinners I enjoyed there, I still feel the same comfort tucking into this richly flavorful — and juicy! — fish medallion.

Pops of capers and fresh herbs keep your taste buds guessing, while a bit of heat from the chiles is tempered nicely by the richness of the salmon. I love getting my fish big format like this and then I’ll save the rest to make my Sticky Chili Glazed Airfryer Salmon or simply pan seared filets with extra crispy, salty skin that my kids love! Or just portion out and save in my freezer for a quick dinner down the road.

But for now — fishcakes, baby!

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