Pesto Rosso Lasagna

Daphne Oz Posts Pesto Rosso Lasagna

Once upon a time on a family trip in Sicily, I discovered pesto rosso (red pesto) — the intoxicatingly sweet and savory and tangy and almost-meaty paste that results from combining sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, currants, capers, parmesan, anchovies, and olive oil into the most epic sandwich spread OR the lasagna sauce you never knew you absolutely needed.

I layer this wonderfully sticky and flavorful mix with creamy béchamel and grated Parmesan to help it coat each noodle with a sauce that clings to every bite. The result is a rich, red lasagna that — especially when topped with the vibrant green of fresh basil pesto — makes for quite the festive hit to feed a crowd, and can easily be reheated for leftover meals or sliced cold from the dish and enjoyed privately by the light of the refrigerator door. Pro tip: Add a few splashes of hot sauce!

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