Pomodoro Pizza Sauce

Daphne Oz Posts Pomodoro Pizza Sauce

Simple Pomodoro Sauce for pizza, pasta & more!  There was a huge pot of this go-to tomato sauce (perfect for pasta, pizza, and soup!) simmering away on the stove almost every weekend when I was growing up. I use this sauce as a base for an essential cheese pizza that my kids love – join us for a bite!

In the last installment of our homemade pizza extravaganza, we make a Tomato Pie aka Pomodoro (cheeseless!) Pizza inspired by one of my all-time favorite slices at Gjelina in Los Angeles. The key to their extra tomatoe-ey pie is Tomato Confit — a method of long-simmering fresh tomatoes in olive oil and garlic until only their sweetest tomato essence remains. We’re also going to compare my Breville Pizzaiolo Pizza Oven to a regular oven with a pizza stone – you know I love a good carb comparative study.

And if you weren’t planning on making pizza this weekend… plans have changed — enjoy! 

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