Thanksgiving 2021 Recipes


Here’s what was on the menu for Thanksgiving 2021! Enjoy!

Maple Butter Turkey & Gravy
This turkey not only gives you the melt-in-your-mouth delicious meat to pair with all your favorite sides, but spatchcocking means it cooks up in 90 minutes (and I would argue with more evenly cooked results!) so you get your oven back!

Creamed Spinach & Leeks
Sweet and savory leeks and plenty of vibrant spinach bathed in the most luxuriously creamy sauce scented with cognac, baked to rich casserole perfection, and topped with crisp, salty fried shallots! The very best part is everything can be made a day (or even two) ahead, so it’s the perfect, easy addition to your confidence-boosting Thanksgiving feast!

Stuffed Acorn Squash
A star side that can play the main if you have vegetarians at your Thanksgiving table – creamy mozzarella cheese, pine nuts, and tender fried eggplant hunks are tossed together in a gorgeous tomato sauce, then tucked into golden roasted acorn squash boats and baked to melting perfection.

Dulce De Leche Pecan Pie
A classic that's been upgraded: Buttery, tender crust with a crisp, crackling, sugar-coated top, dripping in pecans and a pudding-like dulce de leche filling. It's as delicious as it sounds!

My Mama's Pumpkin Pie
The most iconic of fall desserts, Pumpkin Pie — Oz family style. A richly-spiced fresh pumpkin filling (Cardamom! Cinnamon! All spice! Ginger! Oh my!) with the butteriest of easy sugar cookie-style crusts, which you are quickly going to decide is the only way to eat pumpkin pie.


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