Hi! I’m Daphne. TV host, trained natural foods chef, wife and mama of 4, and eater par excellence! Delicious bites are my happy place, and I live for vibrant food memories I can treasure and try to recreate in the playground that is my kitchen. But there have been times in my life—after babies, for instance, or when there has been too much celebrating or too much stress, or simply an easy slip into mindless consuming rather than purposeful choosing—when even a gleeful eater like me needs a reset. A reset that lets me savor my indulgent moments and make them count while helping me fit in my clothes and feel confident and comfortable in my skin again.


This book is a collection of 150 recipes that have consistently helped me lose weight without ever disappointing these demanding tastebuds of mine — or making healthy eating feel like a second, third or fourth job I just don’t need.


The quick version? I don’t believe in deprivation, and I don’t believe taking good care of ourselves has to be hard. I want my clean eating to be as enjoyable and obvious as my regular eating, because that’s the only way I’m going to stick with it. I realized that the key to achieving this is a very few, very simple rules that actually allow me to relax and make clean eating second nature. Plus, plenty of opportunity to indulge thrown in.


Five days a week, I give up gluten. I give up refined sugar. I give up most dairy. And I get back food confidence. I get back easy, intuitive eating. I get back a healthy, happy me. I absolutely freaking love my two days off to eat what I want with gusto! And then I get back on board with no guilt attached. I stick with this rhythm for as long or as short as I like—sometimes a month or two (or more!) to get back on track, sometimes just a week at a time if that’s all I need. And every time, I am blown away by how much my body loves this plan.


It works. You deserve this. Let’s get to it.



Live Life Unlimited.

Daphne Oz is an Emmy Award-winning television host, New York Times-bestselling author, natural foods chef, wife, and mother of 4.

As co-host of The Good Dish, a new syndicated daytime cooking and lifestyle talk show airing daily nationwide, and the newest judge to join the cast of FOX’s hit franchise MasterChef Junior (premiering March 17, 2022), Daphne is known to television audiences for her effortless, confidence-boosting recipes, healthy twists, and her delicious approach to living life in full. Daphne was previously co-host of ABC’s The Chew.

Her newest cookbook, Eat Your Heart Out: All-Fun, No-Fuss Food to Celebrate Eating Clean, is a collection of 150 recipes free from gluten and refined sugar and full of flavor! The book details the simple, 5-days on, 2-days off reset Daphne has followed after pregnancy and whenever she needs to renew healthy habits, lose weight and feel great. Her motto: taking good care of yourself should always be delicious!

Daphne is a highly sought-after guest on shows like The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Rachael Ray Show, and Fox & Friends. She has also been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Reader’s Digest, Glamour, Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Cosmopolitan, People, and US Weekly.

In addition to Eat Your Heart Out, Daphne is the author of The Happy Cook, Relish and The Dorm Room Diet. She received her chef’s degree from the Natural Gourmet Institute and is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Daphne holds an undergraduate degree from Princeton University. She and her family live in Florida.

Find Daphne online at DaphneOz.com and @DaphneOz across social media.