Chicken Edamame Quinoa Pot

Daphne Oz Posts Chicken Edamame Quinoa Pot

Return with me to the wee hours before an early morning flight in London, when, hungry and exhausted, I was ever so grateful to stumble upon a most delectable, protein- and flavor-packed CHICKEN EDAMAME QUINOA POT. Yes, it was an airport meal that I found so delicious, so inspiring, and so travel-ready, I knew I had to come home and recreate it for easy lunches on the go (though obviously, I have also eaten it for breakfast and for dinner, and I feel absolutely great about that!). I swapped the original pesto for a zingy gremolata, vibrant with fresh herbs, chiles, garlic, olive oil, and lemon juice, plus the juiciest grilled citrus chicken on top…and the giggles are what happens when I film with my mom - enjoy!


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