Creme Brûlée Cinnamon Buns

Daphne Oz Posts Creme Brûlée Cinnamon Buns

Here are three ways to make the most unforgettable cinnamon buns to round out your 2022 and kick 2023 off with a sweet bang:

1) Make a shockingly easy, yeasty, fluffy, cloud-like dough, scented simply with cinnamon and vanilla.

2) Do the warm cream trick!! You’ll see what I mean and fans of a certain cinnamon bun mall chain will want to pay extra close attention.

3) Dollop with homemade vanilla bean cream cheese frosting, dust it with sugar, and scorch it to crackling, candied top perfection!!!

I am truly speechless. Behold, Creme Brûlée Cinnamon Buns!!!

See this recipe come to life on IG:
Part 1
Part 2


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