Curried Turkey Chili with Persimmon

Daphne Oz Posts Curried Turkey Chili with Persimmon

I will never say no to a warming bowl of turkey chili. It's simple and a big batch lasts all week for filling, protein- and fiber-packed lunches and dinners that are quick to reheat. I love adding a fragrant hit of curry in this blend — it brings an incredible depth of flavor that loves mixing with onions, peppers, and zucchini for an irresistibly juicy blend.

The persimmons were kind of a random addition because I had two gorgeously ripe ones on my counter… and let me tell you, it was a win. Just a tiny touch of earthy decadence to surprise and delight in every bite. Go for a couple chopped prunes or dates instead if you like! I always need a little something creamy on top to swirl into the bowl, and I love the bright tang of lime and yogurt to mellow out the heat of fresh chiles and a sprinkling of herbs. YUM.


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