Tips For A Better Family Beach Day

Daphne Oz Posts Family Beach Day Tips

If you know us, you know our family loves a good beach day! Whether they’re digging, dumping and dripping their way to the tallest sandcastle, collecting shells, scavenging driftwood to build make-shift forts, or playing never-ending games of jumping waves, your kids will never sleep so well as they do after a big day of sand and sea!!  And let’s be honest: for parents, that’s what summer fun is all about.

Here are some of my favorite tips, tricks and must-haves for a day of beach fun!

Beach Wagon

So how do you transport ALL THE STUFF without losing your mind or dislocating your shoulder? I discovered this wagon when I lived in LA to tape MasterChef Junior, and we'd use it for daily trips to our favorite coffee shop and the park. At the time, I was pregnant with Gigi, but the other 3 could hop in and out, and it fit everything while still being easy to push or pull. You can install a car seat, plus sun cover and cold weather protection, too! It's become our adventuring carry-all that helps me avoid a million runs back to the house/car. It also folds up and stores easily!

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Hooded Kids Towel

I love wrapping my kids up in a cozy hooded towel when they’re eating lunch or ready for a little rest in the shade. This one is so cute and customizable so no towels get lost, plus it helps to add another level of sun protection – the absorbent cotton terry fabric provides UPF 50+ for UV Protection.

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Pop-Up Shelter

Especially on blazing hot days, shade cover is critical. When I discovered this brand, I immediately fell in love with the retro look and beautiful design, but what’s best is the 4-minute assembly time and breezy, generous shade a simple, open-walled cloth covering like this provides. It folds down into a small cylinder of materials that’s easy to keep in my trunk, so I never forget to bring it along. If you feel like completing the look, the sling chairs are *chef’s kiss.*

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Food Pouches

As a mama of 4, I've learned I can usually ward off (a few) epic meltdowns and sibling fights by making sure no one is hungry! Whenever we’re out for the day, I bring plenty of nibbles to keep everyone fueled and avoid a desperate hunt for crappy snacks.These endlessly-reusable, non-toxic, silicone bags are dishwasher-safe, sand-proof, freezer-friendly, and come in tons of different sizes and colors. BONUS TIP: Save a bag for your electronics to keep them sand/dirt free!

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Water Bottles

Another key to a happy day: keep everyone hydrated! Each of the kids has their own personalized tumbler, and I love how cold drinks stay thanks to the double-wall vacuum insulation. (I’m sure my 2 year old really appreciates this feature – haha.) The MOST important part is that the straw provides for easy access but is leak resistant when closed, so we avoid dreaded spills. I also love that the bottle and lid are dishwasher safe. P.S. Grownups get the big ones.

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Easy-Carry Cooler

This was one of those purchases I avoided for years because it just seemed like such overkill. Once we moved to Florida and were spending so much more time at the beach, I caved… and I’m so glad I did! The drinks, sandwiches, chopped veg, fruit, yogurt, cheese sticks, etc I pack inside always stay cool and fresh. And while hard coolers are great, I love this soft-sided bag because I find it easier to carry when loaded up – like a giant, refrigerated purse.

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Other tricks to keep in mind:

  • Slather on sunscreen at home so you’re not fighting sand/wind at the beach for the first application – and the kids can scatter as soon as you touch down! For the rest of the day, I bring along SPF 50 cream sunscreen for body and an easy-to-apply stick for faces. There is A LOT to evaluate when it comes to choosing the best sunscreen, and I think we’ll do a whole separate post on this because it’s a question I get from you all the time. But a couple clean-focused brands we’ve used: SuperGoop! and Babo Botanicals.
  • I love our portable Bose waterproof speaker! 6 hours of great sound that’s loud enough for us to hear but we keep it quiet enough it’s not going to bother nearby sun worshipers. It’s so fun to set (or reset) the mood – and who doesn’t love a little beach dance party, especially as afternoon turns to breezy dusk.
  • Beach toys! Our must haves: several shovels (bring a strong one for real digging!) and pails of different sizes, water-safe figurines for setting up fun make believe scenes, a plastic tea set that won’t break or rust, a sieve, a soccer ball or football or both! 
  • Bring a children’s novel to read aloud when the kids need a break from digging, splashing, snacking, etc. 
  • Pro tip: Make popsicles the night before so you have cold, sweet treats waiting for you at the end of a happy beach day!

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