Honeyed Old Fashioned

Daphne Oz Posts Honeyed Old Fashioned

A sweet twist on the classic of leather armchair and smoky back room legend, a Honeyed Old Fashioned is the perfect elixir to begin or complete a festive evening. Click here to shop the outfit & ingredients!

I went for a drop of honey because I like that richer caramel note more than the usual sugar cube, but you can also just use a splash of the syrup from the cherries if that’s more tempting.

While I wouldn’t claim this is an authentic recipe, I would say it’s what you want in your cup when you’re in the mood for a drink that warms you from the inside out, is equal parts playful and sophisticated, and goes down (almost too) easy. Let me know if you try it at home!

NB: While I enjoyed lighting the orange essential oil sprays on fire for our viewing pleasure and for the gentle smoky note it imbues, you get a better punch of fresh orange zing if you spritz it right over top of the finished drink by giving the orange peel a good twist. You could do both.


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