A Gift Guide for the Mom Who's A Little ‘Extra’

Daphne Oz Posts Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Imagine this: It’s morning, the sun is up before you for a change, and you’re about to have a quiet breakfast on your own – where the coffee is hot and served in a breakable cup with a saucer because you take your time and drink it in sips, not gulps. The newspaper is read. Someone has brought you fresh croissants. Your skin glows! You magically have no undereye bags, and your hair is perfectly bed-heady (can we go ahead and coin “beddy” right here?). You feel effortlessly chic, detoxed, and well-rested. 

And then reality sets in, and it is not this – it is so much better. 

Pampering is not often one of the many perks that comes with being a mom, but if she’s fancy on the inside – even in her yoga clothes and messy bun – show her you know her!

Behold, my roundup of the top items any mom looking for a little something to elevate her everyday would be dazzled to receive. Somehow, serving up cereal in an angel-winged silk bathrobe just can’t be ho hum.

And more important than anything on any Mother’s Day list, give mom a kiss (or a million!), throw your arms around her and tell her how much you love and appreciate her. If you feel so inclined, a handmade gift will always be her favorite. Would you want to see a post on some of my favorite art projects to do with my kids?

OK, let’s get to it!

Warriors of the Divine Kimono

These hand-painted kimonos are magically luxe. I got the pink one with golden wings when I had Philomena, and it remains my chosen outfit whenever urgent dressing is necessary. (Delivery at the door mid-pumping?? Kimono!) 

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Rose Quartz Face Roller

Five minutes with this face roller penetrates serum deeper into the skin and rids under-eye puffiness (extra points if you pop it in the fridge for 10 mins!). Plus, rose quartz is full of healing energy.

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Personalized Straw Tote

Current obsessions: farmers markets, beach days, being more French-chic and Australian-carefree. This traditional woven straw bag, made and hand-embroidered in Morocco, happens to marry all of the above.

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Gucci Sneakers

They are sneakers. They are Gucci. Mom will love them.

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Lunya Silk Pajamas

These super silky (but plenty roomy) silk pajamas are the definition of comfy-chic. And they’re machine washable which everyone knows makes mama very happy!

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Hedgehouse Throwbed

A nap is nice (and always welcome). But an outdoor nap is pure heaven. Especially on this luxe throwbed (with machine washable cover!). And when a nap’s not in the cards, use it for beach picnics and impromptu park tea parties.

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Roxanne Assoulin Earrings

I love a chic statement earring, and these by Roxanne Assoulin are so fun. I especially love them mismatched, but you can buy them matching if you prefer. They're totally unexpected and cool with jeans and a tee, and of course perfect with a fancy dress too. 

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Kaya Jungle Firming Body Oil

I'm so obsessed with how hydrating (but not greasy) this body oil is, and it has an intoxicating jasmine scent!

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