My Favorite Baby & New Mom Gifts

I was very lucky to receive such thoughtful gifts each time John and I welcomed a new baby into our family — some that were exceptionally useful, others more meaningful that will become our treasures, and others that are just fancy and fun and the kind of thing parents never buy themselves! 

I’ll keep adding to this list because there always seems to be a new crop of fun gifts, and I’m always on the hunt for inspiration now that so many of my friends are giving birth!

Next time you need to buy a baby or new mom gift, here are some serious swoon-worthy picks to peruse.

Hill House Home Nap Dress

From $75
It has a cult following for good reason. The brilliantly-designed Nap Dress goes from bed to, well, anywhere and makes nursing a breeze.

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Russ & Daughters Brunch

It doesn't get any better than a Russ & Daughters' spread—bagels, cream cheese, Nova, chocolate babka, and coffee—delivered to her doorstep.

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Monti Kids Box

A box of Montessori toys for each stage of development helps parents bond with their babies and babies meet their milestones. Win-win. 

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Frida Mom Postpartum Kit

It might not look fancy, but there is no better gift for a mom than this brilliant box of goodies that makes healing more comfortable (and more dignified).

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Tiffany Baby Brush

Baby's first little blue box with a monogrammed Elsa Peretti brush is an always-appreciated classic.

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DocATot Deluxe

This portable baby "docking station" is a lifesaver when you need to make more coffee, fold laundry, or, you know, pee, and still keep an eye on baby. Plus, it's womb-like feel promotes sleep!

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