Spring Frittata

Daphne Oz Posts Spring Frittata

Hakuna frittata!

OK, but actually, it really means "no worries" because frittatas can be eaten hot out of the oven, room temperature for an easy lunch with a lovely side salad, or cold out of the fridge for a delectable midnight snack — I recommend a swizzle of sriracha if you’re going this route!!

A frittata is an egg  dish that is first cooked on the stovetop to cultivate lovely soft curds, then finished in the oven for a wonderfully plush texture. I’ve filled this spring-inspired version with asparagus, leeks, yellow bell pepper, and tons of fresh herbs for a wonderful savory-sweet combination, with salty pops of creamy feta sprinkled around!  Did I mention it all cooks in one pan (choose one with sloped edges if you know what’s good for you — you’ll see lol!) so clean up is easy, too?

Whether you’re looking for a perfect Mother’s Day main or just to up your egg game, take advantage of the season and dig in!

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